Find unique handmade items by craftspeople and artists from all over Austria in the exhibitions of St. Wolfgang and Strobl - a feast for the eyes and a really special souvenir from the Lake Wolfgangsee Advent festival.

The extensive handicraft exhibition in St. Wolfgang’s Rathaus (civic offices) is worth visiting year on year - and not only once!

During the Lake Wolfgangsee Advent festivities, the artists take turns, so every visit offers something new to discover. Exactly the right place to find a special gift for your loved one! Around 20 stands on several floors.

The crafts exhibition on Strobl’s village square is small but superb. Craftspeople from the village present their original products here, and, if you are looking for an individual Christmas present you are definitely in the right place!

Both exhibitions can be visited from Thursday to Sunday during the opening times of the Advent Markets. Last day - 22.12.2019.